"StreetSpiration" Feature by Brianna Corlette by Brianna Garrick


Brianna "Bekhari" Garrick


The first women's feature is 23 year old songstress Brianna Garrick, who goes by the name Bekhari. Brianna is from the boogie down Bronx and currently resides in Northern New Jersey. Brianna wears many hats; singer, actress, model, hairstylist, and jewelry designer. She released her first solo project titled R&B Gardens EP in March of 2017.

Who or what inspires your style?

Brianna: I would say my style is street-chic inspired, but I love to express my emotions through my clothing pieces. Colors like mustard yellow,  olive green, fall orange, and warm browns resonate deeply with my personality. 

What are your top 3 stores to shop at?

Brianna: My top three shopping spots are the Thrift, local boutiques ex:(Yes, Pretty Girl, Rainbow), and lastly Zara. 

When do you find yourself shopping most?

Brianna: I’m particular about every piece that I purchase so I don’t shop too often. I shop if I absolutely have to, or if I need minor retail therapy. I’ve learned quality over quantity.

What is one item every girl should have in her wardrobe?

Brianna: Every girl should have that special denim jacket . It’s a classic. 

What is your favorite item in your closet?

Brianna: My favorite thing to wear in my closet right now  is this olive green cloak-like trench. I throw it on with practically every outfit, because it makes me feel majestic and wise. I float around like a Nubian anime character. It also serves as a security blanket for when I don’t want to necessarily show off my shape. 

When do you think you became fashion conscious?

Brianna: I’ve always been fashion conscious. I don’t even remember when I picked it up. I’ve always loved getting dressed since elementary school. I was in a group called “infamous fashun barbeez” ha!